Vision Statement

Immanuel Lutheran's diverse multi-generational community connects people with what Jesus has done, is doing, and will do for them and all of creation as they discover and live out their purpose and place in his Kingdom.

Mission Statement

“diverse multi-generational community”

Immanuel Lutheran reflects the diversity and age range of its surrounding communities. Worship and presentation styles, as well as topics, engage people from all walks of life so they are warmly received and find a place in our family of believers.

connecting people with what Jesus has done, is doing, and will do for them”

Connecting to:

Family, friends, and people in the surrounding communities are being connected to new life with Jesus by those already connected to new life in Jesus through Word and Sacrament by contributing to, participating in, receiving care from, and being held accountable to the Immanuel Lutheran family of believers.

Jesus has done:

Our Father's plan from the beginning to redeem creation and give reconciliation to all those who believe and trust in the promises associated with the death and resurrection of his Son Jesus Christ.

Jesus is doing:

Our daily sanctification of being made new in Jesus in all of our vocations through the work of the Holy Spirit as we are strengthened by the sacraments and directed by God's revelation in scripture in how to live in his creation.

Jesus will do:

We look forward to the triumphant return of Jesus when those made new in him will spend eternity in God's presence in the new creation with no more sin.

"all of creation"

Our treatment and care of the earth, the environment, plants, animals, and people matter because we are stewards of them all as we anticipate the return of Christ.

“discover and live out their purpose and place in his Kingdom”


God reveals to us in his Word how he redeems and make us new in Jesus. His Word is our foundation and shapes our worldview.

Live Out:

Our being made new in Jesus gives us a worldview that uses God’s Word as a filter on how we see, act in, and react to, our world on a daily basis.

Purpose and Place:

We see the value of all of our individual vocations and how they can work together to glorify God.


The realm where Jesus reigns. Satan, sin, and death have no place or power in this realm. Jesus’ death and resurrection adopt us into the realm. Through the Holy Spirit we see and live in it dimly now. Eventually, Jesus will return and the realm of God will be completely realized by those who trust in the promises of Jesus.