Pastor Michael Hansen - Senior Pastor

Never in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined becoming a pastor when I was growing up. I mean, who does that? I spent the majority of my childhood growing up in Germany, where I knew about God, but never really had a sense of who He was or what He did. I never went to church either. But when we moved back to the United States, God led our family to start attending my mother’s childhood church home. It was during that time that I started to learn how the great God of the universe loves someone as small as me and that He even died on the cross so that I can have forgiveness and eternal life in Him. It was truly life changing — so much so that God placed on my heart this immense desire to share the Good News of His salvation with everyone, all the time. And so I found out that the kind person who becomes a pastor is a person just like me. Someone who is sinful, broken, and struggling. But, lucky me, that is the exact kind of person that Jesus died for.
    There are a few areas of ministry I am especially passionate about. The first is reaching those who don’t know Jesus, since I used to be one of them. Second is caring for people in times of need through pastoral visitation and counseling. Third is teaching. Whether it’s confirmation, Bible study, or a new member class, I am always (almost too) excited to share the amazing things God has done in a way that people can understand, appreciate, and use to grow in their faith and life!
    Though my life has not been, and still is not, perfect, God has always blessed me beyond measure. One of the most obvious ways He does so today is through my wife, Hannah, who shows me what it’s like to be like Jesus every day and whose support makes my ministry possible at all. We also have a golden retriever named Denver. Though she is scared of absolutely everything (appliances, boxes, electric poles) we wouldn’t trade her for the world!
    Since you are reading this bio, I hope I get to meet you soon or get to know you even better. Please never hesitate to introduce yourself or reach out to me. I am excited already!